Rich in pork and pork liver, this serves as an ideal incentive or training aid for mature cats and dogs. Arden Grange’s Tasty Liver Treat boasts an abundance of fresh liver, devoid of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, making it the perfect reward or snack for adult felines and canines. The treat is naturally hypoallergenic, lacking wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, and soya.

This irresistible paste doubles as an effective means of administering medications to your pet. Consider applying a small, pea-sized quantity onto a tablet or mixing it with crushed or liquid medications on a dish. Whether blended with a crushed tablet or combined with liquid medications on a dish, it provides a convenient method for medication administration.

For optimal freshness, refrigerate the product after opening and consume within 28 days. As a precaution, store it out of the reach of pets.