Key Features

  • Designed for use with impact drivers in heavy duty applications
  • SHOCK ZONE™ reduces stress at the tip resulting in less tip breakages
  • The combination of the SHOCK ZONE™ design and special heat treatment absorbs impacts and allows the bit to flex with spring like action.
  • Precision milled tip designed to fully fit the screw head and prevent ‘cam out’ & screw stripping
  • Custom engineered steel is more resistant to shock from impacts

Comes with:

1 x PH1 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x PH2 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x PH2 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)1 x PZ1 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x PZ1 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)3 x PZ2 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x PZ2 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)2 x TX10 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x TX10 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)2 x TX15 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x TX15 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)3 x TX20 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x TX20 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)2 x TX25 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x TX25 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)2 x TX30 SHOCKWAVE bits (25mm)1 x TX30 SHOCKWAVE bit (50mm)1 x TX40 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x TX50 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)

1 x HEX 4 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x HEX 5 SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)

1 x SL 0.6×4.5mm SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x SL 0.8×5.5mm SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x SL 1.2×6.5mm SHOCKWAVE bit (25mm)1 x 60mm 1/4″ hex SHOCKWAVE bit holder1 x 152mm 1/4″ hex SHOCKWAVE bit holder

1 x 3mm Impact SHOCKWAVE titanium drill bit1 x 4mm Impact SHOCKWAVE titanium drill bit1 x 5mm Impact SHOCKWAVE titanium drill bit

1 x 8mm x 48mm SHOCKWAVE impact nut driver1 x 10mm x 48mm SHOCKWAVE impact nut driver

1 x Plastic organiser case


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