Smith’s Adjustable 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Smith’s 2-Step Diamond Adjustable Knife Sharpener features two diamond rods and two ceramic rods with 3-preset 15, 20 and 25 degree sharpening angles for the perfect edge every time. Three or four strokes through the carbide sharpening slots will restore the edge on a very dull knife in seconds. The two crossed ceramic rods are good for a quick touch up of already sharp knives.

  • Adjustable angle sharpener for a range of knives and angles – 15°/20°/25°
  • Adjustable crossed carbide blades for quick edge setting
  • Adjustable ceramic slot for a razor sharp finish
  • Soft grip for increased control/comfort
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Lanyard hole


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